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Entrepreneurs Take Action Africa Now (ETAAN)

ETAAN is a platform for Entrepreneurs to share their network, resources, information and ideas, to facilitate a clear approach for creating opportunities and businesses in Cameroon. Knowing how to secure financing, exploring distribution channels and succeeding in market penetration is pivotal to the success of any Entrepreneur. In this forum we collaborate collectively with individuals experiencing unparalleled success in their field. We help define your roadmap to start or sustain your enterprise, sharing models that can scale to the next level. Every business session is a Master Class in it’s self. Sign up for our next session.

Fresh step by step approach to actually starting and sustaining a business in Cameroon

Its not just about hearing or listenting to the success stories, Its the step by step events of the progress of these entrepreneurs from where they were to how they became successful. This is the truth, the pain, how they got capital, how they convinced a thrid party to invest or partner with them. its how they opened their first office, hired their first employees and the challenges within all the way.

This forum will aid in providing entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to overcome challenges. Entrepreneurs will contribute to and enrich this website with resources to assist with planning, training, human resource development, operations, strategic planning and so much more. You will add to your knowledge base and you should feel equipped to master business necessities 101. 

Our Speakers


Bony Dashaco 



Date: TBD
Time: 7:00pm  Cameroon 2:00pm  ET, 11:00am PT 
Topic: The powerful role media plays in Africa for Entrepreneurs today..

Entrepreneurs Take Action Africa Now (Cameroon)

How Do I Know if Starting a Business In Cameroon Is Right for Me?

Business is not a calling, its not the clouds opening up and a voice from the heavens saying, ‘I command you to open up a hot dog stand on the streets of Bonapriso’. It’s a discipline, it involves hard work, commitment. It involves, fighting, pushing, learning, failing over and over and over again and it does not matter if your choice of venue is Cameroon or any other country in the world. The complexities of Cameroon as a third world country are numerous and further compound progress. There is a lack of regulation, there is minimal transparency, information is scarce and corruption is a staple. The answer lies within you as to the intent, the objective, what we commonly refer to as your ‘why!’. If there is a need for a service, product or commodity, it may be an opportunity to start a business, but it is your ‘why’ that will motivate you to go through the hurdles necessary for making the dream a reality. It’s your why that will keep you past the obstacles you will undoubtedly encounter. However, it is the network you create, the company you keep and the mentors you seek that will cement your growth and enable you to endure the tireless rigamarole of corruption, bribery, false information, repeat trips to Cameroon, sourcing and distribution matrix and human resource challenges that you will be faced with. If you seek to fulfill a need, are willing to endure the transformation, and make those sacrifices then yes, starting a business in Cameroon is right for you.

Do You Have To Be A Cameroon Citizen To start a business in cameroon?

No. There are numerous investors and investment seekers presently working and doing business in Cameroon. Nationalists from China, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Gabon, England and the US to name a few have found and developed various business ventures in Cameroon stemming from oil, gas, energy to carpentry, agriculture, real estate and even food ventures. There are, however, extra hurdles that are part of your onboarding process. In some circumstances, you may be asked to partner with local Cameroon nationalists to ensure benefits flow into the communities. You will be required to comply with known state regulations and laws. But presently there are no there are no legal advantages either way, citizen or native. Keep in mind that as a non-native, your earnings will be reported to your country of nationality.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

As a service we do not, but the platform is designed to put successful Entrepreneurs In the same room and space as thriving, aspiring and serious amateur Entrepreneurs. Our model is to reach multiple individuals at the same time for free. We will continue to enrich this site with vital information, plans, models and other resources to facilitate your growth. During our calls you are welcome to ask questions of our speakers and if a silo conversation is warranted, nothing prohibits that from happening so long as it is conducive to all parties. We only ask that you in turn share that information with the team. Lets turn ETAAN into the free resource center for Entrepreneurs with businesses in Cameroon.

Do You Invest In Startup Companies?

Not at this time, however, have you joined our conference calls? Our speakers and members of our audiences are undoubtedly there to not only continue with their education but are keeping an ear open for phenomenal start up investment opportunities. These collaborative efforts will fulfill these types of financial need. Sound investors, experienced entrepreneurs, similar ventures will be exposed. Depending on the expert, you may derive information on how to obtain finances through venture capitalists, crowd funding or private investors. Register to listen to any one or all our speakers and obtain a wealth of information. Directly or indirectly we’ll get you moving in the right direction.

EntrepreneurGwen Tanyi

CEO & Founder Secpe Africa

Gwen Enow-Tanyi was first introduced to entrepreneurship by accident 3 months after setting foot in the United States. She applied and obtained a sales position selling children’s books door to door. She loved it so much she decided to pursue it further selling everything from pens, nail polish, lip sticks to pots and even knives. Her desire to major in the arts took a turn when she applied to and obtained a position at Imperial Bank. It was at Imperial Bank that she finished her undergraduate degree at California State University Northridge and then proceeded to obtain a masters degree in Business (MBA) from the prestigious Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles..Read More

Fresh step by step approach to actually starting and sustaining a business in Cameroon!”

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