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Entrepreneur EtaanGwen Enow-Tanyi was first introduced to entrepreneurship by accident 3 months after setting foot in the United States. She applied and obtained a sales position selling children’s books door to door. She loved it so much she decided to pursue it further selling everything from pens, nail polish, lip sticks to pots and even knives. Her desire to major in the arts took a turn when she applied to and obtained a position at Imperial Bank. It was at Imperial Bank that she finished her undergraduate degree at California State University Northridge and then proceeded to obtain a masters degree in Business (MBA) from the prestigious Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles.
In 2001 she explored the world of multi-level marketing become a sales consultant and later independent sales director with Mary Kay cosmetics. Weaving between the banking world, entrepreneurship and mother hood, Ms. Tanyi opened SECPE Standards Excellence Care Property Experts in 2016. Attempting to find a home to rent in Yaounde, Cameroun, Ms. Tanyi realized that fixed standards or transparency in real estate transactions were lacking. Visibility into properties available was a new concept and integrity in transactions needed controls.
Over the last few years, Ms. Tanyi has experienced the ups and downs of owning and running a business in a country with little regulation. Her efforts have not been in vain. Her clients are enthusiastic about the services offered at SECPE. She sets expectations, walks you through the uncertainties and provides an experience her clients love. She has focused her efforts on growing slowly with emphasis on customer service and training. SECPE boasts documented processes, state of the art property management and accounting platforms to provide unparalleled visibility into their procedures & transactions. For new start up, SECPE is on the right track focusing their efforts on growing their ecommerce platform delivering the African furnished housing rental hub for the continent as well as offering brick and mortar real estate services including renovations, property management, student housing and boutique hotels development.
It is within this context that she created ETAAN. Her resources, experiences and knowledge is of immense value for other Entrepreneurs seeking to invest in the country of Cameroon. Wanting to learn and share with others, ETAAN allows Entrepreneurs to interact and share resources, experiences to facilitate their dreams for entrepreneurship in the territory.
SECPE boasts 11 employees and other affiliated agents. She is proud of their progress and despite the economic and political turmoil, she understands that opportunities exist. She is poised to fulfill the needs of many while offering secure stable employment for others. This is her driving passion.

Entrepreneur Etaan                                                                                               

Ms. Tanyi is a mother of 4, 1 in college, 1 about to go to college and 2 in elementary school. Her husband, Thomas Tanyi, is presently the country manager for AEnergia with an office in Cameroon headquartered in Portugal. She is a licensed and active Realtor in the Carolinas, since 2008. She has spent 25 + years in the banking industry. Her breath of experience includes, Asset Management, Investment banking, Configuration asset management, Inventory Management, application development, Project Management (Agile/Scrum) and process management (risk and control management). She is ITIL and COBIT 5 certified. She and her husband maintain residence on two continents Charlotte, North Carolina and Yaounde, Cameroon.
Gwen regards herself as the quintessentiial Entrepreneur! She never gives up!.